Jingui Qi Gong


Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong is a traditional “temple style” training that provides a fast, direct, physical way to strengthen the muscles, the joints, and the flow of Qi (internal energy) in the body.  As a potent internal energy system, it integrates the body, mind, and energy through the careful application of physical practice, meditation, and herbs.  The result is a powerful transformation of the entire energetic body and greatly enhanced levels of health.

Jingui Qi Gong is a dynamic system that catalyzes the body’s innate ability to evolve.  Each individual who embarks upon the training travels the same training journey, yet the outcomes vary depending on the student's strengths, weaknesses, and desires for growth.  The following is a list of what most people gain from the training:

  • Increased Energy - Jingui Qi Gong enhances organ and cellular function, thus, more bio-energy is produced for daily use.  As more energy is produced and circulated, overall vitality is enhanced. 
  • Stress Management - The student’s energy system learns to adapt and grow in response to life stressors rather than break down into disorder.  Life's challenges are more likely to be perceived as opportunities rather than obligations. 
  • Detoxification - Through vibrating areas of the body with physical stimulation, both emotional and physical toxins and stagnations are loosened and released from the body.  As vitality and circulation are enhanced, this supports the innate detox mechanisms in the body. 
  • Integration and Centering - Jingui training cultivates a sense of focus and integration by bringing the mind into the body through physical training and meditation.  By strengthening and rooting one's energy in the abdominal area, students are able to maintain a feeling of being ‘centered’ even in the midst of life’s challenges. 
  • Increased Self Confidence - During Jingui training, students continually succeed in using the challenges and stresses of training to initiate personal growth.  By constantly succeeding throughout the months of training, each student becomes reacquainted with their inner "knowing" that they are powerful and capable individuals.